websites and related services
My scientific but usable approach allows to design elegant and graceful solutions for resolving of heavyweight and bulky problems

Services and prices


ItemPrice, $
Website Reskin$25$100
Website Refactoring$50$150
Website Redesign$100$200
Content gathering and processing$10$200
From scratch: typical solution$25$150
From scratch: custom full-cycle solution$500$1000
For the sake of convenience both minimum and average prices presented. Usually real price is approximately equal to average, but we always search for opportunities to reduce it closer to the minimum

About Eexoos

Eexoos is small one-man-company specialized on making websites and related services. I started websites development in 1997. Sometimes I involve a lot of different specialists and consultants during website producing, sometimes I only take part in process as a team participant, so my approach is flexible and adaptable. The point is, I strive to be useful and successful and bring positive energy to my clients and coworkers.

Approach to work

Heart of my websites is CMS Eexoos - content management system designed completely from scratch.

CMS Eexoos

CMS Eexoos is real superman among another CMS: quick as lightening, indestructible as fortress!
CMS Eexoos brings new for Web, but classic for IT generally approach of content management and processing! It allows you extrimely reduce learning curve and time for idle actions (i.e. waiting for admin page downloading or photos uploading) along with increase flexibility and reliability of whole project.
CMS Eexoos is free and chargeless open source project. Server side (backend) based on PHP5.6+ makes CMS compatible with a vast majority of modern web servers (i.e. Apache2, Nginx). Client side (frontend) components made in appliance with strict W3C standards and crossplatform compatibility principles
You know, it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times! So, here it is!
Websites and apps designed by Eexoos absorb sophistication of long standing and consist of newest but well-tested solutions and components

Eexoos is more than just a business

Work is not only the way to earn money, but also the lifestyle and method of self-assertion. Every project is a morsel of my soul. Every single project remains with me forever as memories. My clients are persons who are successful in their branches of activity. It allows me to borrow some approachs, useful skills, understand their worldview and even sometimes feel their emotions. It makes me more multifaceted as person and more high-educated as professional. I sincerely hope, I will not let you down and all mentioned above will be completely mutual
Eexoos is more than just a business