About Eexoos

Eexoos is small one-man-company specialized on making websites and related services. I started websites development in 1997. Sometimes I involve a lot of different specialists and consultunts during website producing, sometimes I only take part in process as a part of the team, so my approach are flexible and adaptable. The point is to be useful and successful and bring positive energy to my clients and coworkers.

How it works

Every website starts from idea and idea comes because of necessity of such information product which will improve your business
  • Website from scratch (typical)
  • Website from scratch (custom)
  • Website reskin
  • Website refactoring
  • Website redesign

It doesn't matter do you already have your website or still planning to create it in future, because my service range covers both cases.

Approach To Work

Being a relatively new kind of activity, web development is usual regular business, so we still need fundamental and scientific approach to keep our advantages compare to competitors around.


Eexoos website production algorithm

If you going to make good website, you need to be guided by simple rule “In the beginning was the Content”! Design of the website is nothing more than efficient and nice way to bring your content to visitors.

  • Content processing
  • Design and UX
  • Coding
  • Infrastructure
  • Your web project life henceforth
You need to know following to understand the point and whole process of website development

CMS Eexoos

CMS Eexoos is real superman among another CMS: quick as lightening, indestructible as fortress!
CMS Eexoos brings new for Web, but classic for IT generally approach of content management and processing! It allows you extrimely reduce learning curve and time for idle actions (i.e. waiting for admin page downloading or photos uploading) along with increase flexibility and reliability of whole project.
CMS Eexoos is free and chargeless open source project. Server side (backend) based on PHP5.6+ makes CMS compatible with a vast majority of modern web servers (i.e. Apache2, Nginx). Client side (frontend) components made in appliance with strict W3C standards and crossplatform compatibility principles