Fast And Inexpensive

Eexoos achieves low product cost only by intensive way!

What is the difference between 'intensive way' and 'extensive way' and how I can keep high quality and low development time amount simultaneously?

Now doubts, humanity invented 'business' for the sake of enrichment! But I do not try to keep my client paying as much as possible, but on the contrary improving my efficiency I reduce products and services price by means of making it faster and faster. So, in my case, price reducing achieved not by means of cheap and non-professional labour force, but by means of enlarging my professional craft!

How it works? Let me show you!
Let is run a little thought experiment:
Low-skilled worker:
working time2 hours
total cost$10
earnings per hour$5
Same amount of work for highly qualified professional:
working time5 minutes
total cost$5
earnings per hour$60

Thus, we got the product 2 times cheaper and 24 times faster, and the performer earned 12 times more!

I maintain such a high rate of work without loss of quality by effective software products and profound knowledge of the subject area.