Striving to 100%

Alas, our world is not perfect! But our striving to ideal makes this world a little bit better! My aim is to score 100 from 100! Zero of mistakes, maximal velocity, incredible WOW-effect! Every time I try to make next project better than before, to win my competitors on the honest contest! There is no limit to perfection and I keep in mind this thesis. I estimate my products quantity as by means of online tools and by best QA and UX consultants involved in projects. I also careful to responses and testimonials of my clients and appreciate every advise from you, guys! Anyway, I am not fixated on statistic and formality, but stick to strict W3C standards and general rules for web development. It is a matter of principle for me bring all indicators of my projects to the 'green zone' with the 'Good 100/100' and 'no errors or warnings to show' messages!

It can easily be shown practically! Just visit following links below: