Eexoos website production algorithm

You need to know following to understand the point and whole process of website development. You don't need any professional skills and knowledge to understand information furthermore.

Content Processing

In the beginning was the Content!

If you going to make good website, you need to be guided by simple rule “In the beginning was the Content”! Design of the website is nothing more than efficient and nice way to bring your content to visitors. Expose is not just a web-atelier, which making "clothes" for your content along the lines of definitive statements of work. Bigger half of my work (and project costs respectively) consist of task formalisation and content processing. I physically is not able to dive into my client business as deep as the client himself, because of lack of time alotted for project. That is why I usually involve off-site developers and professinals in project subject areas. They can be appointed by client or picked by myself among my permanent reliable partners.

Design and UX

It is important for every web-project to have bright individuality, but at the same time user interface (especially for low-resolution devices) shall conform to basic UX principles. Internet user feels convinience when user interface elements situated on similar places and working similar way like usually. That is why, according to rule of least surprise it is better not change interface appearance and behaviour without particular reasons.

Eexoos Design = basic principles + "zest"

Contrary to a common misconception, unique website do not have to be absolutely different from others. I am sure every most common and general layout can be brightly individualised by unique appropriate content, original infographics, color scheme with good taste etc. You know, in physical world, design of things also strictly subordinated to basic principles! Can you imagine the three-legged trousers or the car with five square wheels? Same situation is applicable to digital world. For instance, 320 pixels is physical value which restrict of the website workspace!

Modern, so called, responsive web-design prescribes defined course of action. There is mobile-first paradigm, quite simply an old famouse sentence 'from simple to complex'! First we build skeleton and only after that we can pull on an outer hull. Same way in physical world it is much easier to make load-carrying elements before and make outer parts after. Because it is quite crazy thing to make at outer hull of airplane and after that painfully shoving spars, stringers and frames inwards! Same crazyness about making a basement of the house after completing another floors! Strictly said, it is possible to do from outside into inside, but these exceptions only prove a rule! For us every rule is a vector and direction to act, but every individual case makes unique demands and restrictions, that is why rules for us not a dogma but directives!


I write program code from scratch for the sake of consistency and logicality of the project. It makes my digital constructions both durable and elegant. For me coding is similar to a poetry or an art, because I have a room to make every action completely different ways. You know, there are no limits of perfection, and I keep in mind it every time I start new project. I search an opportunity to improve my skills every single days, so sometimes, I can suggest you my own code refactoring literally in a half of the year. Information technologies also not remains static, so I need to go ahead to stay near the cutting-edge of global IT-market.

Reverse compatibility of CMS Eexoos and components allows to update project business logic without any dangerous to damage any datum!


One of the pillars of every successful web project is infrastructure. Website can be published only if the files physically upload to the hosting, VPS or dedicated server. Also required a domain name, because it is your website global ID and address for potential visitors.

Besides, web-project usually needs email services, counters, trackers, authentication mechanism, DDOS-attacks protection etc. Website can not be fast, safe and protected without appropriate infrastructure on your hosting (server). Even the most perfect program code in the world will not work perfect if the server which host your website will not be able to execute it well enough!

Big companies always has system administrator (or even department that maintaining website), but for small business of individual projects, as a rule is quite enough my consulting support and initual setup of your hosting or VPS.

Your web project life henceforth

When your website will be technically complete, it will not be the end, but rather startpoint! Life of your website will start after it was born by me.

It's a common delusion, to thing as soon as your website will be published, hundreds of millions curious and interested visitors will flock to the pages with your products or services description, or your blog will make you a gossip columns hero next morning. No, not at all, my friend! Nowadays, google already indexed more web-pages than whole population of Earth! Every second several new websites are published by owners with great expectations! And each of them strives to be noticed as soon as possible. Thus, your web-resource popularization and promotion is a process not igniting by itself and will demand a lot of your time, financial resources, enthusiasm and faith to your website to make your internet project successful in future!

Do not forget about the content! Content is your bargaining chip ever. Correct semanthics, titles, structure, logic, special tags, well-joined links (both internal and external), sharing tools are able to make your website being indexed well and effeciently by search engine spiders.

Well-structured website is good both for visitors and for search engine

It is more than just a business

For me personally, work is not only the way to earn money, but also the lifestyle and method of self-assertion. Every project is a morsel of my soul. Every single project remains with me forever as memories. My clients are persons who are successful in their branches of activity. It allows me to borrow some approachs, useful skills, understand their worldview and even sometimes feel their emotions. It makes me more multifaceted as person and more high-educated as professional. I sincerely hope, I will not let you down and all mentioned above will be completely mutual