How it works

Every website starts from idea and idea comes because of necessity of such information product which will improve your business

It doesn't matter do you already have your website or still planning to create it in future, because my service range covers both cases.

If you have not website yet, you need to make new project from scratch. Let discuss it further:

A: New Project From Scratch

If you going to make new web project from scratch, please ask yourself following questions before:

  1. First you need to clearly understand: do you really need the website?
  2. Second question: do you need Eexoos (or any other professional) for making your website?
  3. Do you need to design new solution from scratch or you can just use typical one?

First item of following algorithms is 'register domain name'. Technically, domain registration is not neccessary stricktly before website development, but it is my rule to identify your project among from hundreds of others from beginning and be able to recall it immediately in a few years ahead. Besides, it allows to keep high level of communication discipline between me and you.

Another important item is 'how to send unordered content?'. I intentionally do not provide file attachment to the order form. It is not the best way to send large archives through e-mail servers. You need to upload necessary files as a single archive (.zip, tar.gz, .rar etc) and fill the link in 'Link to archive with info' text input. If you have some confidential information you can protect it by two ways: make archive with password (1) or upload it to fileshare service and allow download only with password (2). Password you can send my by textarea 'Project Notes' or tell me later during our conversation.

A1: Using typical solutions

The most fast and efficient way to make your new website is to base it on typical solution. Do not worry it will be unique, 'based' does not mean 'copied'!

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* Deployment is a separate service and not included in website development

A2: New design from scratch

Be aware, lion's share of work during complete cycle development is content processing and design of logic and appearance. So don't be wonder when price will be 10, or even 100 times more compare to typical solutions!
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If you already have the website, I can suggest you to improve it.

B: Website Improving Services

For this case I have such services for you:

  1. Reskin
  2. Refactoring
  3. Redesign

Let me tell you about all these services and differences between them:

B1: Reskin changes the view of your website but logic and server code stays intact. As a rule, this process includes creation of new skin (theme, template, view) for CMS your website already based.

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B2: Refactoring is the process of restructuring existing code of website without changing its external behavior. Refactoring improves nonfunctional attributes. It changes your website inside but your visitors even will not notice these changes, except improving speed and reliability of the website

As a result of the refactoring, the website moves to the new platform CMS Eexoos
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B3: Redesign is complete changing of the website, including resking and refactoring. Technically, this is creation website from scratch using the previous version of your website as a donor of content and logical structure.

Be aware, redesign is not only refactoring + reskin but something more!
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