Any demo website here same time is Eexoos typical solution. You can download and use it 'as is' or you can order new website, based on one of these examples Also you may use any of demo website's components such as intro, banners, illustrations, photos, icons, animations, experiments and ideas.

Why Demo but not Portfolio?

  1. A lot of projects made as "white label" for web-studio (b2b). I have no authority to call such projects as 'mine', because I had an agreement with client and this product is a property of my client but not mine.
  2. Sometimes, because of futher modifications (client wishes, SEO-optimization, rash acts) appearance and functinal of the website or application have been distorted and deteriorated. I have no any opportinity to force my clients to act with the procucts right way. So if I will present such resource here it will not reflect real product quality at all
  3. There are cases, when some website or application I have made is not in property of any client, so, strictly speaking, it is not correct to call it 'portfolio'
  4. I allow anybody use whole products from 'Demo' or any of it parts. If I would present our customers project it would not be possible because of copyright laws