Website from scratch: custom full-cycle solution

Be aware, lion's share of work during complete cycle development is content processing and design of logic and appearance. So don't be wonder when price will be 10, or even 100 times more compare to typical solutions!
  1. Register domain name
  2. Gather unstructured information
    1. digitized information sources (computer files)
    2. not digitized information sources (papers)
    3. documents (official papers and computer files)
    4. processes, events, things, facts (inside your head)
  3. Estimate the project budget (from - to)
  4. Gathering design donors
  5. Gathering content donors
  6. Send me all this information
  7. After that I will start to make website concept and statment of work
  8. We will split whole project into stages and calculate the costs of each stage
  9. You pay 50% of first stage and we start (you send payments for each stage step-by-step, we do not start next till not complete previous)
  10. I will provide you temporary test url of the project (so you will be able to watching the working process in real time)
  11. Technically process of development has two aspects: theoretical and practical (see two lists below). We can partially do it simultaneously
  12. Deploy the project on your hosting (VPS, dedicated server)

Theoretical part

  • Content processing and business logic
  • Workflow diagrams
  • Interactive layouts, UX, conceptual models
  • Style and elements design (esthetic aspect)

Practical part

  • Design of data store(DBMS, clowds etc.)
  • Extertal API integration
  • Serverside
  • Clientside
  • Testing and debugging

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