Website from scratch: typical solution

  1. Register domain name
  2. Gather unstructured information
    1. digitized information sources (computer files)
    2. not digitized information sources (papers)
    3. documents (official papers and computer files)
    4. processes, events, things, facts (inside your head)
  3. Сhoose typical solutions closest to your needs
  4. Estimate customisation level (how much changes needs to do)
  5. Send me all this information by form below (your e-mail address will be your client ID in Eexoos)
  6. I estimate project price (basic price of typical solution + customisation services) and send you precise value to your email
  7. If you agree with it, you send me 10% prepayment and we start, if not we can negotiate the price or refuse the order
  8. I will provide you temporary test url of the project (so you will be able to watching the working process in real time)
  9. When we complete the project you will pay other part of price (90%) and receive archive of your website
  10. Deploy the project on your hosting (VPS, dedicated server)*
* Deployment is a separate service and not included in website development

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